Alan's a Digital Media Specialist with an emphasis in Motion Media; see for yourself!

Project Gallery

The featured projects are Alan's most recent creations.


Don't Lose Sleep

As part of my Spring 2021 Video two DIGM337 course at the University of Houston, I created this one-minute promotional video for TGS Insurance. This Video project brings value to me as a videographer highlighting my emphasis on focus, Motion Media.

2D Animation

Noise Induced Hearing Loss PSA

For my intro to 2D animation class, I created this short video with Adobe Animate. This video serves as a PSA directed to NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss). Hearing loss can occur through various means, which is why we need to be aware of our device volume levels. All-in-all, this project gave me animation experience.



I created a Transmedia campaign this past Spring 2021 for a made-up Mascot, considered to be an influencer looking to gain an online following through audience engagement including likes, and favorites on his social media! I want to include this project to promote my abilities as a Digital Media Specialist. This project required elements such as video, photography, costing, and research ultimately, not limiting my skillset as only a videographer.

Graphic Design

UofH Creative Media Graphic Design

Throughout my student career, I managed to create an opportunity for myself in sports media with an Internship for the University of Houston Football Creative Media. This edit showcases my creative abilities and Photoshop experience, something I want to highlight in my portfolio.


Master of Science in Technology Project Management Promo Video

I had the opportunity to work with the University of Houston College of Technology Master of Science in Technology Project Management graduate program this past Summer 2021! Officially, this is my first freelance video opportunity, and I believe this project that brings a great deal of value to my portfolio and expertise. This project gave me real-world budgeting experience.


Variable Data Invitation

I had the opportunity to lead this project alongside Salman Raza and Jonothan Castillo in fall 2020 for DIGM 3351 Individualized Communications Processes course. As a group, we set out to create invitations for ideal employers based on our Digital Media emphasis. To convince employers to attend the College of Technology at the University of Houston’s annual senior portfolio showcase, our group needed to design a personalized invitation. This letter had to be used to our advantage, varying from each other, communicating personal interest to our employer personas. This project enhances my leadership skills and design skills. I led my team to a successful grade, meeting both deadline and project requirements.

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